Megan Ford



Hello there,

So I’m Meg, and I’m currently in my final year of studying Multimedia Journalism.

I’m 20, with no siblings and no pets (god I must sound boring!) A trainer fanatic with more pairs than I can afford, and a workaholic, mainly to fund my obsession.

Whilst not working or eyeing up a new pair of shoes, I spend most of my time drinking VK’s till my tongue is yellow with my friends, or dunking too many digestives in a cuppa tea with my boyfriend, Ben.

Right now I’m torn between two career prospects. One being a TV reporter, the other being a Healthcare journalist.

Whilst being on the telly sounds like a stupid dream, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. As a little girl I used to go round the house using my hairbrush as a make-shift microphone and interview my parents about their thoughts on the latest S-Club songs (what a throwback!) Whilst I’m not sure that’s quite the type of reporter I want to be, you get what I mean. Talking into a microphone is just something I have longed to do.

On the complete flip side, as a part-time Health Care Assistant I find health and lifestyle writing comes most naturally to me. Talking about the latest findings in mental health research, what the latest fad diet is, or just how many apples a day actually does keep the doctor away- I’m all over it.

So if you’re interested in potentially seeing pics of a five year old me pretending to be the likes of Dermot O’Leary, mixed in with a pinch of health and lifestyle writing, give my posts a gander!

Oh and another thing, I’m about to move in with all boys in September into a new student house, so if you fancy watching me attempt to deal with this or want to see the contents of a predominantly male, Fifa obsessed house, follow my posts for updates and plenty of moaning!



Please contact me if you have anything you want to share or see me write about! Twitter: @Megan_Ford97