Fiona Neylon


My name is Fiona, I am 21 and I live on the southeast coast of England. My small town is not the most exciting place to live but I do get to drive to the cliff-top lookout spot with my friends and feel like I’m in a high school movie.

I study physics at university but writing is usually a much-needed break from that, so please don’t expect anything too scientific from me!


I am an absolute coffee addict and enthusiast. University has heightened my addiction to the point where I genuinely have a headache until I have my first coffee of the day, but I love it too much to try and change that. I can’t visit a new town or city without researching the best coffee shop and making whatever huge detour is needed to go there!

I definitely fulfil the millennial stereotype of spending all my money on flat whites and avocado-based brunches!

I’m a competitive cheerleader at university, which might make you think of girls prancing around with pom poms but I promise that it’s so much more than that, and you’d definitely believe me if you saw the amount of sweat produced at each of our training sessions!

Okay, occasionally we use pom poms and we do compete wearing sequins, sparkly hair bows and a potentially toxic amount of glitter hairspray, but maybe that’s just what’s missing from all other sports!

When not at cheer practice, I tend to spend far too much of my time stalking the world’s best cheer teams on social media and watching endless competition videos on Youtube. Cheer pretty much takes over my life.

I also watch far too much TV. I love US sitcoms like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and I don’t think I’ll ever have watched Gossip Girl too many times. I’m currently spending the summer holiday watching my fifth rerun of the Chuck/Blair saga, rarely changing out of my pyjamas, and more than occasionally having ice cream for breakfast, so I think I’m pretty much nailing adult life right now.

Fiona x